Just Forgive

I grew up with an athletic family. Basketball was just what we did. When you are outside shooting all alone, you can make your shot perfectly. The backspin is just right, and the arch leads it straight to the goal. However, there is nothing quite so disheartening than trying to mimic that perfect shot with a defender right in front of you—and they block it.

No matter how beautifully we fashion a prayer from our heart, no matter how many times we have knelt and cried—it can be blocked.

Is it just me or does anyone else get frustrated when you are trying to break through to get to Him in prayer, and something that has been done to you, or that you’ve done, keeps playing on repeat in your mind? Your shot is getting blocked! Why? How? You can be praying all the right words and truly meaning it, but it is going nowhere.

I daresay that this happened with me this morning (of course the Lord likes to use visual aids with me). I was reading His Word, yet a situation that troubles me kept flashing across my mind…and along with it all of my solutions for handling it. Seriously?! How dare I think that I’m praying, while all the while I’m trying to answer my own prayer!

So, of course the sweet Holy Spirit—love Him—I believe with all my heart that He let my eyes fall on a couple of verses where Jesus is speaking about forgiveness. Yeah. Forgiveness. Not trying to fix the problem yourself verses. Those verses where you realize that God cannot forgive you unless you forgive the ones you have something against. It was like a wonderful thump to forehead.

Not only are we to forgive to be able to be forgiven, we are to leave our gift at the altar if we know that someone has something against us. We have to make things right with others before we can come before Him with pure worship!

I don’t know about you, but I need to be forgiven. I need to be able to get to Him, unhindered. Even if that means that the one I have something against, or who has something against me, is myself.

I choose to forgive…I don’t want bitterness to block my shot.

Scripture to read:

Mark 11:25-26

Matthew 5:23-24

1 John 3:19-24

Romans 12:18


Father, before I come any further I lay down all unforgiveness and any seeds of bitterness. I don’t want to have anything against anyone, nor do I want anyone to have anything against me. I trust You to help me forgive. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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