A Fly on the Wall

Okay, there was literally a fly on the wall right beside me as I spent time with the Lord this morning. It didn’t buzz around me in an annoying way, but it crawled near…almost like it was spying on me.

Who are you when no one is watching? How do you pray when no one but the Lord can hear you? Integrity is more than doing what is right…it is doing what is right even when no one else sees you. It is helping someone when you won’t receive any gain from it. It is doing your best at your job when no one notices. It is doing everything that you do for the Lord alone. Not for reward. Not for praise. Not for promotion. For Him.

We often feel a nauseous indignation when we witness hypocrisy in its extreme form—when we see one, who would call himself a Christian, yet lives a two-faced, divided lifestyle. We can pinpoint a Pharisee from a mile away, as we witness judgmental attitudes of those who don’t practice what they preach.

Do we take our focus off of the specks in others’ eyes long enough to remove the splintered 2x4 from our own? Do we live peripherally, only looking around to see who will witness our good deeds…and who might be absent, so that we feel free to go ahead with the not-so-good?

Thank God for that fly that remained with me this morning. I thank God for that tiny reminder that no matter how alone I feel, there is Another there beside me. Not that I should walk around, making sure I behave out of consequential fear …but being so in love with the One always with me, that I cannot stand the thought of disappointing Him.

It is when we dwell in His secret place, that we cannot secretly live for Him.

Evidence cannot hide when you live with the King.

Scripture to read:

Psalm 25:21

Psalm 91

Matthew 6:1-18

Isaiah 51:16

Deuteronomy 29:29


My beautiful God, I want to dwell, stay, and bask in Your secret place. The secret things belong to You, but the things revealed belong to us. Let me remain hidden under the shadow of Your hand, as You place Your Words in my mouth. Only then can I live every moment protected by integrity, as I know that the One who never changes continually changes me. In Jesus’ Name, let me hide. Amen.

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