Let My People Go

Have you ever been around someone who struggles with bondage, yet laughs it off like they are supposed to be weighed down by it? Often we accept our chains for so long that we cannot imagine life without them…we cannot imagine being free. Or worse, we don’t even realize that we are oppressed.

The enemy has a way of convincing us that this is life. This is either what we deserve, or it is the “suffering” that we are called to in our walk. Yes, there is suffering and persecution if you truly walk with Christ. But I think too often we hold onto our shackles that God would desire to see shattered because of what may be required of us in the land of freedom.

There is a purpose for freedom. If we choose to stay in Egypt, we are robbing so many people of the witness of deliverance. We are just being selfish. The chains aren’t just binding us, but so many others who don’t even have a clue that freedom is possible.

Personal note: the Lord spoke in my spirit about twelve years ago that I was free. I didn’t even know what He was referring to, so I said, “Free from what?” Long story short, I didn’t even realize that I had been bound in multiple eating disorders for roughly eight years. I was so blinded and deceived by the bondage!! But just like the process it took to bring Israel out from under Pharaoh’s grip, the shackles had to be removed one step at a time. I can definitely tell you that it was so worth the process.

Let us not only allow the anointing to destroy every yoke oppressing us, but let us take the yoke of Christ upon us. Let every stronghold be torn down and replaced with the strong tower of His Name.

Egypt means “limit” in the Hebrew—come out and see just how unlimited your God can be.

Scripture to read:

Exodus 9:1

Exodus 7-14

Isaiah 10:27

Matthew 11:28-30

Galatians 5:1

2 Corinthians 10:4

Proverbs 18:10


It is truly for freedom that You have set us free. Father, I ask that if there are any chains that would bind me and keep me from doing what You want me to do, show me. I speak freedom to the body of Christ. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.

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