What Will I Wear?

I tried on a dress recently, and the opinion of my family was not what I was expecting—I apparently looked like someone out of the Bible. Which, in all other ways would be absolutely amazing. However, it was not what you would consider a compliment in this case.

As much as we would not want what we wear to define us, oftentimes we are categorized by just that. It subconsciously symbolizes who we are. Garments are a big deal. What determines what you wear each day? Does it fit? Does it match? Is it clean? Do you base it on where you are going?

As important as clothes are to us, especially in our society, how much more important is the covering of our soul? How much time do we spend putting on the garment of praise? Do we make sure that the robe of righteousness still fits every day? Would we rather stay content in the filthy rags of our own righteousness? Is it too much effort to allow Christ to dress us in His?

I think of Elisha tearing his garment after picking up the mantle that fell from Elijah when he was taken up to heaven. I think of blind Bartimaeus throwing off his cloak to come to Jesus when He called for him. I think of the disciples of Christ laying down their garments to make a pathway for Jesus to enter Jerusalem.

Will you lay aside the cloak of your past to make room for the robe He wants you to wear? I dare you to try on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. I’m not a fashionable person, but I know that will look amazing.

Scripture to read:

Isaiah 61

2 Kings 2

Mark 10:50

Matthew 21:8


Father, I choose to put on the garment you have laid out for me. I choose to wear Your love, Your peace, Your righteousness. Please clothe me in Your grace today. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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