Be Angry and Sin Not

It is not really a common thing for me to get extremely angry. I’m a pretty passive, easy-going person. But when

anger is stirred, embers can quickly turn into a blazing fire.

I believe there are times that we should get angry. If you hurt my child, you will witness righteous indignation. If you come against my household, you may get singed. For so many years I thought that if I got angry, that it was sin in itself. So I bottled it. Trust me, it doesn’t stay in a bottle…it leaks out and manifests in others ways.

So, how do we deal with it? I am thankful for a personal God who walks me through situations and teaches me how to do just that. To be transparent, anger knocked on my door recently. It is amazing—when you allow the peace of God to help you turn the knob and process the anger the right way, the result is actually fruitful! Like I said, His peace helped me open the door…not ignore the knocking. We cannot defeat an issue by ignoring it. But be careful—if you open the door on your own, a tiny flame can burn down your house.

We are to deal with anger without sinning. Anger messes with your judgment a little bit—bring it directly to the Lord. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200—arrest it and take it directly to Him. He is the only One who can give you proper vision when your emotions are a little cloudy.

Our God is truly a consuming fire. Let your flesh become ashes in His hand, leaving nothing else for anger to devour.

Scripture to read:

Ephesians 4:26

1 Samuel 25

Matthew 21:12-13

Hebrew 12:29


Lord, I want to be angry when You are angry. I don’t want to passively ignore sin—I want to be angry. Lord, make a whip of cords and cleanse Your temple. Help me to bring You everything that makes me mad, so that You can deal with it. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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