“Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young—a place near your altar…”

There is a sweet family of swallows that return to our carport each April. I feel like it’s our family coming in to visit! I love hearing them in the morning, and I love watching them swoop through our yard in the evening. One cool thing I have noticed is that they are not content to live in the same nest that they built the year before—they rebuild.

One of my favorite Scriptures is Psalm 84. The swallow is mentioned as building her nest for her young near the altar. She can get as close to His Presence as she wants! She can build, and rebuild, her life near the Lord. I am so jealous!

We know the verse that says to draw near to the Lord, and He will draw near to us. Do we perceive this as bowing and humbling ourselves for a moment in an altar, and consequently feeling the Lord close to us? That may be a portion of the meaning, but I feel in my spirit that He wants us to daily, step-by-step, draw near to Him in consistent obedience. Getting closer and closer, leaving a trail behind us of our crucified flesh.

What if all of our striving was to draw nearer and nearer to His intimate closeness? What if the one thing that we desire is to be at His feet, to dwell in His house, to be in His arms? Can you imagine what His desire is? If He matched us step for step, we would meet in the middle. But His steps would overwhelm ours—He would overtake us!!

Let us draw near to the Lord. Let us truly draw near, building our lives—and rebuilding—near His heart.

Scripture to read:

Psalm 84

Psalm 65:4

James 4:8

Psalm 27:4

Luke 10:38-42

Hebrew 10:22


Father, one thing that I desire is to be close to You. That’s all I want. That’s all I need. When I am with You, circumstances may not change, but I do. I just want to show You how much I love You. Bring me close, Lord. In the Name of Jesus, I draw near. Amen.

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