Power of Music

“Bring me a harpist…”

My daughter has been walking around singing songs from Les Miserables the past few days. Yes, she has a beautiful voice. Yes, I love to hear her sing. Yes, the songs stay in my head!

There is something so powerful about music that it has the ability to replay over and over in our consciousness…even without our permission. It is not on my heart to dissect the scientific nature of why our minds run on background noise. It is not on my heart to lecture about being careful what you listen to…though you should. It is on my heart to stir you to wonder why Elisha said, “Bring me a harpist.” To stir you to wonder why King Saul had David come and play the harp, so that he could find relief from the spirit tormenting him.

If you don’t think it is important to keep a praise in your heart, then just try to see what songs the enemy would love to put in your mind. I try to encourage my teenagers about what songs to listen to because there will be songs from my teenage years that invade me—and these are not songs I should be joining in on at all!

I dare you to keep a song of praise alive in your heart today. Keep it on repeat. There is a reason why the longest book in the Bible is a song book.

Scripture to read:

2 Kings 3

1 Samuel 16

Ephesians 5:19


Lord, I long for You to clear my mind and heart so that I can hear You singing over me today. I will sing a new song unto You, a hymn of praise to my God. May it be pleasing to You, and may it dispel all plans the enemy has made. In Jesus’ beautiful Name. Amen.

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