The Wilderness

“Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her.”

Sounds romantic, right? I’m not gonna lie, I would probably give my husband a deer-in-the-headlights look if he thought a getaway weekend in a barren wilderness would be fun. Yay! Let’s go to a place where we might not have enough food or water, where we have to look out for snakes and scorpions…that would totally recharge our marriage!

So why would the Lord say this to Israel? Why would the Lord say this to us? Note that He didn’t say that the wilderness would allure, but that He would. I know Him well enough to know that even when His way doesn’t make sense to me, it is right. That He never does anything without a purpose. So what is so special about the wilderness?

It was a place that they had nothing that they needed…without Him. And so it was a place that they had all that they needed in Him. He was enough. His provision, His protection, His promise…His presence.

Can you look back to a time when all you had was Him, and He was enough? To a place where you became His and He became yours? To a place where your faith was born and built? A place where you fell in love with the Promiser before you ever tasted the promise? To a place where there were no expectations, just love? No wonder He draws us there. No wonder He desires to allure us, to bring us back to the place of first love. It was just us and Him.

Maybe you are walking around in the wilderness now. Do you look around and see nothing for miles but barren wasteland? Do you thirst like you never have before? Is there a hunger pain that you cannot quench? Rejoice—find Him there and fall in love with Him all over again.

Whether you are in the land flowing with milk and honey, or you awake to manna on the desert floor—He has not forgotten you. Don’t forget Him.

Scripture to read:

Hosea 2:14-23

Deuteronomy 8

Isaiah 44:3

Jeremiah 31:1-3

Revelation 2:1-7


O Lord, my God, I will follow You wherever You lead. Draw me, and I will run after You. I would rather be in the wilderness with You than in the promised land without You. Whatever it takes for me to be in Your will, do it, Lord. I am still Yours…in Jesus’ Name.

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