Remember Your Journey

”Remember your journey from Shittim to Gilgal, that you may know the righteous acts of the LORD."

It is amazing to me how some memories are in vivid color, and some have become all but lost over time. One stirs within me this morning as I think upon the day that my Jesus hung on a cross for me.

As I meditate upon His pain, His sorrow, His innocence…His love.

I can turn back the pages in my heart and see a time 30 years ago—a time that changed the course of my life. I was a little girl watching a movie in my brother’s room. A scene played out, and I was overwhelmed with tears and sorrow. The movie is called Jesus of Nazareth. I was staring at the face of Mary, the mother of Jesus, as she held His lifeless body and wailed with painful sorrow. I was begging my own mother to tell me “Why!?!” Why did He have to die??? My sweet mother did not know how to explain it to me, but I remember her saying that I would understand when I got older. Soon after I was playing on my swing set in my front yard, and suddenly I knew that I was His. I believed. It may not have happened in an altar, and it may not have been the way religion would require…but I know that the same Jesus who had died that day had met me in my yard and saved me. I ran to the back to tell my dad and brother, and I ran in the house to tell my mom. I was saved!

My mom has told me since that we had been in revival during that time period. God is so cool; He knows us so personally. I cannot remember anything a preacher preached—but I remember that movie, and I remember my swing set. I am visual in nature, and the Lord knew it.

Remember your journey from Shittim to Gilgal. Remember your journey across the Jordan into the Promise. Remember your journey with Christ from death to life, from the scourging and the cross to the rolling away of the stone. My journey wasn’t complete that day, it had only just begun. But to remember is to stir in my spirit that child-like faith that connected me to my sweet Savior.

If you have yet to make a memory like this that has been written on your heart, I urge you to begin your journey…at the cross of Jesus.

Scripture to read:

Joshua 3-5

Micah 6:5

Romans 6:5


Father, I cannot imagine what You and Jesus went through that day He hung between heaven and earth, interceding for me as He still does to this day. Thank You for everything. Everything. I can never repay You, but You gave me eternity to thank You. I can now pray in Jesus’ Name because of that day. Amen.

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