Closer Than A Brother

“I'm gonna lean up against you, you just lean right back against me. This way, we don't have to sleep with our heads in the mud.”

This is one of my favorite quotes from the movie Forrest Gump. Partly because it cracks me up, but also​​ because it is a beautiful picture of a Biblical truth: Two truly are better than one.

I was very blessed in my high school years to have a precious, godly best friend who was the picture of Christ to me. I dare not write this without remembering and being eternally thankful for her. While I’m at it…there is a sweetness that goes beyond my vocabulary to be married to my best friend and the love of my life, Jeff. Two better than one, and two became one. Thank You, Lord.

There is something about a best friend that goes beyond daily acquaintances—a secret-sharing safe haven that gives you the freedom to be you, and to be loved anyway. What keeps floating to the top of my consciousness needing to burst forth is a time—maybe ten years ago—that I had a personal depth of understanding that the Lord is my Best Friend. He had shown me something powerful, beautiful and truly revelatory. Of course I spoke it to someone, thinking it had to be shared! Then a couple of weeks lapsed without really hearing from Him…I was lost, crushed, and heartbroken.

I see it as clearly as if it were yesterday the moment I realized what had happened. I was seeking Him, and He took me to a beautiful verse that let me know that He was my Friend. That I had betrayed my Friend’s confidence. I learned an invaluable lesson that day: you see, some things He reveals to be made known…some things are to stay hidden in the Secret Place. I dare you to not only allow the Lord to be your Best Friend…but learn how to be His.

Scripture to read:

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Proverbs 17:17

Proverbs 18:24

1 Samuel 18:1-5

1 Corinthians 4:1-2

John 13:21-26


My Lord and my God, my Best Friend…You called Abraham Your friend, and I long for You to look upon me in this way. I long to be one whom You can trust to share Your heart with, one whom You can speak freely to without hesitation. You truly stick closer than a brother, and I thank You for always being near. In Jesus’ Name I pray.

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