Just Keep Swimming

“I just opened up my Bible and it was the page in between the testaments!!!”

I don’t know that I can recall someone coming to me and saying this with excitement—that the Lord has led them to the time in between. We crave something to confirm, something to assure…even something to convict. But rarely do we long for a visual aid that lets us know that we are in the middle—not where we started, and nowhere near to where we are heading.

The middle.

When you talk about the Lord with someone, do you speak of a mountaintop experience? Or maybe a valley that He led you through? We often tie our testimony to a storm that has proven our Anchor holds. Or we highlight a victory that sent the enemy running seven ways. How about this: “I love the Lord who walks with me every single day. Not just when it is hard, and not just when I feel like I am walking on clouds. He is always here.”

I love to quote Dori from Finding Nemo: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” Just keep climbing. Just keep walking. Just keep fighting. Just keep going. We may not feel it is interesting enough to talk about with others, but it may just be what someone needs to hear. It may just be that they haven’t made it all the way up the mountain yet, but they need the energy and encouragement to keep climbing.

I dare you to keep climbing…and to enjoy every single step of the journey with Him.

Scripture to read:

Hebrews 13:8

Philippians 3:10-14

Psalm 73:23-28


Lord, You are my Best Friend. You are always with me, and I am always with You. You comfort me when I am in pain, and You rejoice with me when I am ecstatic with life. But it is amazing to me that You hold my hand in the somewhat boringness of day-to-day stuff. Thank You. I rest in the beauty of Your Name. Amen.

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