Stained Glass

Last night there was a crashing down of a picture that briefly occupied a space on the wall in my home. Ironically, it was entitled “Everlasting”. Of course, when glass is involved, we automatically go into a somewhat military mindset—no glass left behind.

How often do we leave shattered pieces on the floor of our hearts, unaware that areas of our life are being consistently injured by unresolved brokenness? Our flesh would run to pride to hide the cracks, or to glue them back together in a “noble” attempt to appear okay.

What does it take for us to comprehend that the Lord truly is near to the brokenhearted? What does it take for us to realize that the most beautiful worship we can offer is laying the pieces of our lives on the altar?

I dare you to come before Him and break your alabaster box. Bring Him the pieces, and allow Him to put you back together. The greatest testimony is that of a stained glass window—allowing His light to shine through us, refracted through the beautiful mess that we are.

Scripture to read:

Mark 14:1-9

Psalm 34:18


Lord, I don’t want to be deceived by pride anymore, thinking that I am being brave by sweeping the broken glass into a pile to deal with later. Take each shattered piece that has been created by hurt—from the enemy, others, or myself—and bring restoration that would give You glory. And help me to remember that all the pieces do not need to become a part of Your finished work. In Jesus’ beautiful Name I pray. Amen.

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